Adverse effects of Clenbuterol

Adverse effects of Clenbuterol

There has been a lot of confusion among people about Clenbuterol being a steroid. It is found that Clenbuterol is not an anabolic steroid but it’s a stimulant or sympathomimetics amine. It is a well known supplement among bodybuilders and athletes for quickly losing weight along with retaining muscle strength. During your cutting cycle it helps you gain enough strength to work on. With this few advantages of this drug, there have been concerns of safety for people with heart problems. Adverse effects can be noticed with both men and women. There are drugs which harms you only when not used properly but Clenbuterol is the drug which comes with disadvantages alongside irrespective of its usage.

Before opting for Clenbuterol do not forget to have a check on its adverse effects listed below. Initially Clenbuterol was used for medical purposes to cure respiratory diseases. Also the drug assured safety for people with heart problems. It was then used as Asthma puffer popular as Albuterol. Later it came into notice that, the drug has various properties like gaining muscle strength, fat loss etc. that can be beneficial for bodybuilders and weightlifters. When the rate of metabolism and fluidity of blood increases in your body, then it leads to burning of fats and lipids. Now athletes need a good amount of this drug to see effective results in their muscles. This drug cuts off the fat by acting over hormones like dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenalin. But this, in a way can affect you adversely and therefore it is highly recommended by doctors to use it in a controlled manner. Abusive use can lead to dangerous side effects which are similar to consuming Clenbuterol injected meat or high doses of the drug.

Most reported side effects of the drug are vomiting, jitters, nervousness, anxiety, cardiac muscle hypertrophy, heart palpitations, headache, insomnia, high blood pressure, dry mouth and severe muscle cramps. Few of them like dry mouth, nervousness, sweating, dehydration; headache, etc. are short term side effects. Short term side effects last in the time period of consumption of drug. As soon as the drug leaves your body, you will stop having these effects. If these effects are troubling you then you should consult a doctor on a priority basis so that he may advise you whether to use them or not and also regarding the dosage. You cannot completely get rid of side effects but can minimize them, if you use the drug properly and drink a sufficient amount of water.

A taurine supplement with your regular cycle would help you with the trouble of increasing muscle cramps. Researchers are working hard to get over the long term side effects. They have been examining over rodents from a very long time. Long term use of Clenbuterol has found to increase the size of cardiac muscle tissues. Increased collagen level severely affects the pumping cycle of the heart. This is the cause of blockage in the sent electric signals which is risky for stroke too. In all, Clenbuterol is hazardous for heart if not consumed properly. Clenbuterol is further not safe for the bones. Its long term effects include fragile bones which eventually has lead to bone fractures. Researchers have made various conclusions on animals, but they still needs time to land over correct facts for human body.

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