Best cuisines and wine destinations of turkey

If you want to know Turkey, then you must know its food and wine. The culinary evolution of Turkey has come to an amalgamation of some the best delicacies to settle on a tasteful bite and wash that is comparable to no other food in the world. The uniqueness of Turkey and its delicacies can only be enjoyed with those who have walked and sat in the very restaurants that are known to prepare such special foods. A visit to Turkey can only be hallmarked through an endeavor of the taste and foods of the people.

One notable delicacy is what is brought out from the Ottoman archives. The restaurants, chefs, and the whole hospitability industry, have worked hard to trace the ancient taste and bring out foods that are uniquely Turkish. The following are three main restaurants that will offer you a uniquely Turkish delicacy that you cannot miss during a visit to the country.

Çiya Sofrasi

This restaurant is located within the City’s Asian side. The restaurant is close to the Kadiköy fish-and-produce market where they get their food fresh to their kitchen. The owner of the restaurant Musa Dağdeviren is among Turkish internationally celebrated chefs. Having begun his cooking decades back, Musa Dağdeviren has specialized in the art of creating foods that have within them more than tastes. They contain within them the special tastes that can only be traced to Turkey. The skill is strictly passed to the other trained chefs. You can order the fresh local bush greens specifically the kaya koruğu within this restaurant. You may also ask for rice and lamb chops or the mumbar, which translates to sheep intestines. Wash it away with any international wine for a cost of around ₤30 for two.

Cerci’s Murat Konaği

This is an ideal restaurant for tourists. The wine cellar of Cerci’s Murat Konaği is filled with some of the best international tastes that can be traced by their age. You will reach the restaurant after you do a 35-minute ferry ride from Besiktas to Botanic. The restaurant is located along the waters giving it a great outdoor experience and the kind of environment that is ideal for tourists. You can try a delicately prepared muhammara with all its spices that goes with atomized bread crumps and goat cheese. For ₤32 for a dinner for two, you can get a full course meal with cubes or juicy minced beef and stuffed dumplings (pignoli) for entrees.


Asitane is the restaurant you can speak English because the owner can speak the language. The restaurant has an expanded list of dishes from which you can select what entice you and if you like, you can ask for directions on what to eat in English. The foods here are ancient and heavy. You may order has pacasitiritli otherwise known as the lamb’s trotter. This is a local’s delicacy and many people love the food. You may also consider feudal or beefy stew that comes with puffed bread with sage. Other delicacies that I can recommend are stuffed melon dolam or minced lamb with rice. Dinner for two will cost you around ₤42. You can wash it with any Turkish wine you are recommended to use.

You can have this and much more in Turkey. Get Turkey visa and enjoy their food as well.


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