Famous Wine Destinations of US

Famous Wine Destinations of US

Wine has been part of human heritage for ages. It has been used in many cultures as part of celebration and relaxation making it part of human history. There are many regions that are famous for wines and wine lovers seek them to taste and enjoy great time. The US is home to many wine destinations but the famous ones include;

Sonoma County, California.

A region famous for best wines, cool atmosphere for wine tasting and relaxation.

Good weather conditions for vine yard growth and maturity.

Has great wine varieties that attract many people eager to taste and enjoy good wine.

The area has great bars, restaurants, hotels and other facilities that offer people great experience while in the region.

Napa valley, California.

A popular wine region that produces great brands and attracts many wine lovers seeking well time and adventure.

The region has hundreds of wineries that brew many varieties of wines to accommodate different tastes and preferences.

Home to beautiful scenes that provide great experiences to visitors while enjoying their favorite wines.

Great facilities for accommodation and relaxation making the tour of region wholesome.

Willamette Valley, Oregon.

A region with great climate for growth of vineyards that produce best wines.

Has conducive environment for relaxation and wine tasting. Hundreds of acres of vineyard that yields good wines. Many facilities for accommodation while on tour in the region.

Finger Lakes, New York.

A beautiful area with ideal weather for wine growing and relaxation.

Many wineries producing good varieties that attract many wine lovers to the region. Expansive area to visit while enjoying the best wines on offer. Many varieties of wines to choose from while on tour of this region.

Long Island, New York.

A perfect place to visit for wine lovers.A conducive environment for wine tasting and enjoyment. Many good varieties of wines and wineries to select from providing great experiences. Home to unique wines with diverse tastes and flavors.A place for great tours and adventures.

Paso Robles, California.

A region close to mountains, deserts and beaches with many hectares of vineyards.

Many varieties of wines .Conducive environment for wine tasting and relaxationBeautiful scenes to visit while on tour in the region provides a great combination for adventure.

Temecula Valley, California.

A famous wine region in rural southern California that produces great wines.

Home to large fields of vineyard. Conducive environment for many varieties of grapevines. Famous for wine festivals and other attractions .

Walla Walla, Washington.

A wine destination near the Blue Mountains

Variety of wines with great tastes. Beautiful sceneries attract many visitors to the region in addition to wine tasting. A great area for getaways, retreats and breaks from town life.

Parisade, Colorado.

A region with rich history of great wines. Many wine varieties providing wine lovers with choices. Large fields of vine yards and wineries in the area. Good accommodation facilities for visitors.

Plymouth, California.

A popular wine destination with great wine.

Wine tasting and relaxation attract many people to the region. Great varieties of wine for diverse tastes and preferences.

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