Getting the Best Lip Injection

Getting the Best Lip Injection

Lilia, 23 years old, is an online cosmetics entrepreneur. She sells makeup products from foundations to lipsticks on social media. She, not only does the selling but also the marketing. She models the products herself. Though she had beautiful eyes that can sell mascaras, eye shadows, and eye liners and a perfect complexion and bone structure that can market foundations and blush-ons, her lips are pale in comparison. Her lips are too thin for the camera. She couldn’t market her lip products because the customers couldn’t see the full effect of the products. This is a problem for Lilia and her business.

She thought of getting lip injections Utah so she searched the Internet for some options and ideas. She had come across sites like which surgeons, specialize in lip augmentations from Utah, USA, can be found. However, she still doesn’t know how to get the lip injection that she wanted. Here are some tips for Lilia and other people who wish to go under lip injections.

The Dream Lips

It is simply asking yourself “What kind of lips do I want?”. You may have pictured a set of lips in your mind. If you can describe it for your surgeon, then that is good. Moreover, it is better if you have a photo of your desired lips that you can show to your surgeon so he himself can judge and come up with the procedure he needs to achieve those lips.

The Trial Lips

It is safe to try first the temporary lip filler procedure when going for your dream lips. Each person has a unique anatomy so there is a great chance that the lips that you want will not look as good on you as you thought they will be. Taking the temporary lip filler will give you a trial and error shot since this lip augmentation will only last for about 6 to 9 months. You wouldn’t want to make a permanent mistake on something very noticeable on your face.

The Permanent Lips

If there was no problem in your trial lips, then you can now go for the permanent procedure.  This is the moment when you will really make the final decisions so make sure that you really want those lips. These will not only solve your lip insecurities but also you can get that natural-looking and youthful pout you have always dreamed of.

The Best Lips

It is not really the procedure itself that will grant you the best lip injection result but it is how you will take care of your lips during your recovery period. Expect that your lips will be swollen and bruised for the first two weeks. Using ice on your lips can be a great help with the swelling so as sleeping in an elevated position. However, never ever massage your lips, it will only worsen the swelling and bruising. Your surgeon will definitely give you some meds for the post-surgery stage so just make sure you follow carefully all of the instructions.

Taking to mind these tips will not only give you the best lip injection results but also the happiness and confidence you need. And with people like Lilia, showing off your lips will no longer be a burden.

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