New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

They said on the radio that rather than talk about what you aren’t going to do in the New Year you should talk about what you are going to do in the New Year. Studies show that when you make a positive resolution they are better kept than negative resolutions. For example, I won’t eat those desserts and gain weight should be I will eat healthier and lose weight. And in your personal life, make changes. Change is good for people. It moves your life forward.

Shady Lady wants to offer you an idea for a New Year’s Resolution that will be positive, fun, improve your relationships and maybe even start new ones. Make a resolution to do something different this year on the weekends. Instead of sitting at home watching TV,  playing with your tablet, or getting the family up at the crack of dawn for the breakfast special at the local restaurant,, how about meeting family and friends for a Sacramento brunch. That’s right, a brunch. Never heard the word before? Well a brunch is that strange time between breakfast and lunch. For family members that won’t get up for breakfast, or others that don’t like breakfast, brunch is the answer to your prayers.  Instead of either having to make different foods to satisfy everyone or no one, come to Shady Lady. Shady Lady serves scrumptious brunches every Saturday and Sunday. And, as an added bonus, you don’t even have to drive, though you can. We are a short walk from public transit.

Yes, we know, everyone in your family, or all of your friends, like different stuff to eat. You’ve never found a restaurant yet that can satisfy everyone. Well, now you have.Shady Lady has plain old American, South of the Border treats and we can satisfy those will eat just about anything. Yep, this is one downtown Sacramento restaurant that can please everyone.

We have bacon, eggs, hash browns, and toast for your breakfast fans and we even have Eggs Benedict for the adventurous breakfast lovers. We have burgers and French Dip for the lunch loving crowd who likes plain old American food and we have all kinds of spicy South of the Border breakfast and lunch entrees for those who want to wake of their taste buds when they wake up the rest of their bodies. We serve brunch from 9 – 2pm on weekends so you don’t have to worry about the sleepyheads that can’t make it to restaurants where breakfast ends at 10 am.

So make us your New Year’s Resolution. If you try it just once we promise you’ll love it. No need to get dressed up we aren’t a fancy restaurant that will kick you out if you don’t meet the dress code, and who’d want to worry about that for breakfast anyway. Do something positive for the New Year and do something that will become a tradition for your family. Everyone wants something they can look forward to at the end of the week and we look forward to seeing you at brunch. Have a great new year.

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